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Thanks to Jason Roth
"Jason is amazing! He really listened to us and went above and beyond with how he represented us. We are so thankful to have Jason on our side."

Jason Roth
"I was involved in an accident and contacted Mr. Roth for input and advisement. He was extremely professional, personable and was very responsive to my needs while listening to all my input before giving me further guidance. He always provided me with quality advise and made calculated recommedations on my case Read More"

"I was greeted with an assuring confidence that my case would receive the integrity and commitment it deserved and I must admit that I was very pleased ant the way I was treated and kept abreast of every development of my case."

Jason Roth
"I worked with Jason Roth on a legal matter for over two years. He was always kind, compassionate, fair, and a fantastic listener. I believe he is the kind of attorney that is in this business for all of the right reasons. I absolutely plan to call him with any legal matters and plan to refer anyone seeking legal assistance to him.

Took the Stress off me
"When something is not your fault and yet affects your entire life and throws your life in to a different direction it is the most helpless feeling there is. I didn't want to be someone who was out for anything because that is not my nature, but I wanted my life back. It would have been easy for me had it been caused my my actions or careless decisions, but it wasn't..."

Review for Jason Roth
"The saying, your life can change in a second, was certainly what happened the day of my auto accident. Dealing with the endless medical appointments, constant pain, and the emotional realization that I may never recover from the injuries, was difficult. Hiring Jason to handle the legal aspects of the accident made it possible for me to focus on getting well. ..."

Settlement Review
"Jason negotiated a settlement with an insurance company over a fall on some dangerous stairs in an apartment complex. He was prompt, patient and effective. Good guy."

Jason Roth...Only name I'll give
"I have never worked with a more professional, courteous, and personable attorney. He is clearly very driven and willing to put forth as much effort as needed to resolve an issue. I had the privilege of working with Jason for over two years. I consider him my attorney for any and all legal issues that may arrive as long as he and I are both in the Kansas City area."

Brandan Davies
"...very promptly and professionally with very minimal effort from me (just a quick phone call). He was very honest and kept me in the loop with quick emails throughout the process. I would highly recommend him!."

Jason Roth Exceeded our Expectations
"Jason was very well versed in the type of law involved in our case. He was very responsive, professional and a great communicator. The outcome was very positive for us.."

Never Gives up of gives in.
"Absolutely the best lawyer I've ever worked with and I'm in law enforcement so I've worked with hundreds of lawyers. If he didn't know the answer, he was honest enough to tell me and my mother without sugar coating anyting. Even before he was hired, Jason took his own time to research our problem and poured himself into the case on a weekend...."

"Brandan went above and beyond to get me out of trouble. Down to earth and knows the law very well. He did the absolute best of what he could of done for me and would recommend this man to anyone."

"How many lawyers do you know work on a Saturday? Brandan does! Very professional, reasonable prices. I would defintely recommend him!"

Case Dismissed
"Mr. Davies was prompt in returning phone calls and keeping me up to date in my case. I didn't feel like my time nor my money was being wasted. Sometimes it seems like an attorney stretches things out to get more money out of you, not Mr. Davies! And to top it all off he succeeded in getting my case dismissed."

Trust him
"Mr. Davies is a good guy and an even better lawyer. I recently got into some trouble so I decided to give Brandan a call. After one meeting I felt comfortable enough to trust him with my case. One month later my case was done and the charges were completely taken off my record. I don't think there is much else that needs to be said. If you are in some trouble do not hesitate to contact him, you wont regret it!"

"Brandan was more than helpful and informative concerning a legal matter that arose last year. He walked me through all the angles and put my mind at rest. He followed up and kept me updated as needed. He was truly the calm in my storm."

Overall Good Experience
"Good lawyer, was very knowledgeable about the avenues I should take and worked with me on what I needed to do and what I wanted the outcome to be. I would recommend him to my friends and family."

Thanks Brandan
"Brandan did a great job for me. The process went exactly as he said it likely would, and considering my circumstances, he was able to obtain the best possible resolution for me. Thanks Brandan!"

Awesome Work
"Awesome people friendly know what they are doing I will be coming back you you. Thank you Brandan. I am satisfied with your results and thank you very much"

"Brandan Davies helped me with criminal charges. He was awesome. He's easy to get in touch with, explains everything simply and as it's happening, didn't waste my money, was honest with me the whole time, and was pretty compassionate the couple of times I broke down in tears. Actually, he got my high-level felonies changed to simple misdemeanor charges, and in turn basically saved my career.

Great service!
"Brandan was helpful and thorough in my case. He provided helpful insight and accurate information. He was readily available when I needed him and I highly recommend Brandan."

An awesome lawyer!
"Brandan's hard work and dedication paid off. I was found not guilty on both counts against me. I thank Mr. Davies for that. He was confident and was able to defend my case as if it was his own. Great guy, all around."

The Lawyer you need
"Obviously no one wants to need the services of a lawyer but these things happen from time to time. If you have any driving issues than Brandan is your man, this is his expertise. He does not work with any other form of law so he knows everything you need to know and prepares you well for what is to come. He made the experience easy and I always knew what I needed to do. Highly recommend his services if you are in need of some legal help."

Good Service
"Brandon represented me well and did everything he stated he would. No surprises and was timely in his contact and responses with me."

Great man, even better lawyer
"Branden is a wonderful charismatic man who really cares about his clients and has great communication and gets the job done. He got A case dismissed for me and he can for you to I highly recommend Brandan Davies to anyone!"

Always Professional and Reliable
"Brandon has been helping me an my family for years and we can always count on him for sound guidance and the best professional approach. I trust him implicitly and I am very grateful that I can count on him in times of need."

Didn't have to anything but pay fees.
"brandan was awesome getting my legal situation handled. took care of all the work, he let me know what we needed to do, what I needed to bring to the table, and followed through on his committments. Hopefully will not need to use his services again, but if so, I will be back to see Brandan."

"Brandan Davies assisted with a long-distance and rather complicated driving ticket issue that was resolved professionally and equitably. I would recommend him to anyone."

Brandan Davies Lawyer
"I live out of state and Brandon handled an expungement case for me. He did a good job in getting this matter taken care of in a timely manor. He charged a flat rate fee and stuck to it and did not try to nickel and dime me. Overall it was a good experience and I would recommend him."

DUI Dismissed
"Brandon Davies was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He used his expertise swiftly, removing an old DUI from my record getting it dismissed completely! I recommend Mr. Davies through and through, and can't praise him enough!"

Great Lawyer!
"Brandan was great! He worked hard on my case, kept me informed, and never wasted my time. I highly recommend him!

Christopher Barnds
"Chris was exceptionally professional and took a deep interest in the success of my case. Chris is quick to respond to questions and provides excellent counsel. Hopefully I won't need Chris' services again any time soon, but if I do I will most certainly call on him to represent by best interests

Excellent Attorney
"Our case went very smoothly, thanks to Brandan. He kept in contact with us throughout the process and was very professional and honest."

Very Trustworthy, High Integrity, and Helps Look Out for Clients
"I consider myself an honest person which ended up in a "pickle" of a mess which had a major impact on my career. Brandan Davies was contacted less then 48 hours before the court appearance and with in two days got everything straighten out and are very happy with the outcome of my cases. I just want to say Thank You again and would recommend him."

Responsive, honest, caring, knowledgable, handled my case and relieved my stress
"This is the first time I ever needed an attorney to represent me. My case was small, but Brandan moved quickly to assure me that my mistake would be handled appropriately. He contacted the courts and took care of all the details. He responded quickly and appropriately to my needs."

Patrick Copley
"I have worked with Patrick on multiple occasions and found him to be quick, precise and correct! His advise is to the point and I HIGHLY recommend him.

Easy to work with...very informative
"Brandon knew his stuff, explained every option to me and took it from there...all pricing was reasonable and my matter was other time needed from me."

Excellent, Knowledgeable service, Highly Recommend.
"I greatly appreciate the assistance and knowledge that was used to handle my legal situation. Brandan was responsive and friendly throughout the process. He made me feel confident that we would get the resolution that we were asking for and he was 100% right.

Copley Roth and Davies
"I was very fortunate to have the lawyers at Copley Roth & Davies, LLC assist me with my legal matters. They stood by my side during every tough decision or set back, guided me through the important decision making process, and kept me up-to-date. I highly recommend their services for any legal needs!"

Knowledgeable and Honest
"He was very polite, kept me up to date, was honest, and got me the result I was looking for. I would highly recommend him."

Honest opinion of a lawyer
"Brandan did a very good job of taking care of my case. Would recommend him to anyone who needed an attorney. thank you very much Brandan"

"Mr. Davies is an excellent attorney. He was very knowledgeable and upfront. I would definitely use Brandan in the future."

Call if you need criminal representation
"Brandan did an excellent job describing what would happen in my case and he was exactly right as to the outcome. I was very pleased with his services and would certainly enlist his aid again in the future should I need it."

Copley Roth and Davies
"I would highly recommend this seasoned group. I have consulted with 2 of the partners on different matters. It was nice to be able to use one firm for different situations."

He gives Lawyers a good name
"Brandan Davies is honestly the best attorney I have ever hired. He truly worked very hard for me, and made me feel like I was his first priority. He answered the phone every time I called, and took the time explaining every detail of my case in terms that I understood. His prices were also very reasonable and upfront with no hidden costs or fees."

Professional and Effective
Brandan quickly took care of my ticket and even called me back the same day to tell me he was able to cut the cost. Friendly, knowledgeable and excellent communication! Highly recommend."

Knows the System
"With his guidance everything went like I wanted it to. He is in tune to your concerns and can address them as needed"

Copley Roth and Davies
"We enjoy working with Copley, Roth and Davies they are always professional and knowledgeable. They also find a way to keep the meetings enjoyable!"

"Darn good attorney he provides good service and he works fast. Expungments can take a while but he got is done quickly and was very upfront with me on everything and how the process works."

Very good experience
"Brandan was very helpful throughout my case. He explained everything in a very easy to understand way and answered every question I had. He explained all the steps needed throughout the case and did a very good job at keeping me calm and not panic throughout the whole thing. I would definitely recommend him to a friend."

Felony to misdemeanor!
"Brandan was my first experience with a lawyer, but I found him to be pleasant, honest, and good at explaining things in a way I could understand. He was also cognizant of his hourly rate and didn't seem to rack up his time with me, which I appreciated. In my case, he even helped me plea down from a high level felony to misdemeanor charges without the stress or cost of a long jury trial. I would definitely recommend him to a friend or family member."

Excellent job
"I was a client of Mr. Brandan Davies, and he handled my case very professionally! He was prompt, detail oriented, did many follow ups and resolved my case with the best outcome. I was very happy and satisfied with his services and would highly recommend him!"

Brandan Davies
"Very prompt , professional and courteous ! Had everything taken care of in a timely manner with a positive outcome !! Very good lawyer for traffic and speeding cases."

"Brandon Davis was great! He really helped us understand the process and our results in court were exactly as we expected. We could not have done it without him. Since this involved our young driver we did not want to leave anything to chance."

"Very happy and satisfied with Brandan's advice and resolve. I unfortunately tapped a pedestrian in the HyVee parking lot. Brandan took over, and kept me advised of all proceedings. Have recommended him, and will be my first call if necessary. Thank you Sir"

Great Lawyer!
"Brandan was great! He worked hard on my case, kept me informed, and never wasted my time. I highly recommend him!

Good Attorney
"Mr Davies, is a good and knowledgeable lawyer. Handled my case with great integrity. I would use him again if I needed too. I highly recommend Mr. Davies."

"Copley Roth & Davies are as good as it gets! I highly recommend them for Divorce, Criminal, and Personal Injury issues. They truly are a full service law firm!"

Brandan Davies
"Brandan Davies was an excellent lawyer throughout my entire process. He sincerely cared and always responded in a timely manner. He made the entire process for me very easy and painless."

Brandan Davies
"Brandan reviewed this case for my son and handled it in a thorough and very competent manner. I appreciated the way he kept us informed."

Brandan Davies
"Brandan was a great lawyer for me. He helped me to get out of the delima I put myself in and was always on top of it and kept me in the loop.

Patrick is Amazing!
"Patrick was friendly and very attentive during my case. He helped me during a very tough time. He always called me back and kept me up to date on my case, but didn't waste my time or money with minor details. He was fair with me and although I hope I never need him again, I would call him in a heartbeat if I ever needed another lawyer."

Patrick is a Bulldog
"I hired Patrick to help me with a family law problem in Johnson County. Pretty much everything went my way from the moment I hired him. By the end of it my wife's lawyer was begging for mercy. You can't go wrong with Patrick. No bullshit just results and a fair price."

Review for Patrick Copley
"Patrick wrote a prenuptial agreement for me before I got married. He was helpful explaining my rights and I would recommend his services to anyone that needed help with a family law issue."

Aggressive and to the Heart of the Matter
"Patrick is pleasantly aggressive and very detailed. He gets to the heart of the matter, discusses your legal options and finds common ground on which to make a stand. I will go back to Patrick for all of my legal needs.

Aggressive and Effective!
"Patrick represented me in a business dispute that went awry and ended up in litigation. His understanding of the issues and informed counsel led to a favorable resolution. Patrick kept me informed throughout the process. I understood what was happening and slept well knowing Patrick was on the case. If I am ever in need of legal counsel, Patrick is my first call."

Brandan Davies
"Very professional but fast. Brandon made everything easy and painless."

Excellent Attorney
"Chris is representing me in a very difficult divorce case with complex legal issues. He is very attentive and gives your case the attention it needs while being mindful of costs. Would recommend to anyone going through a difficult complex divorce."

Chris Barnds Review
"Chris represented my son in child custody proceeding that's still in the process, it's such a vulnerable time we didn't know what to expect. Chris was very knowledgable and return my sons phone calls and emails . If you are like we were out of state and need expert advice you want be disappointed . Or if you live in the area, he was a lifeline to us."

Good Family Law Attorney
"Worked with Chris on issues of child custody and support. Was extremely knowledgable and professional throughout. I was also very appreciative of how promptly he would return my phone calls and emails. Was always willing to take time to listen to my questions and concerns, and I remain very appreciative of that."

Chris Barnds Review
"Knowledgable and professional, Mr. Barnds, is. A great lawyer he help our family with custody of our granddaughter that is ongoing, we live in south Carolina, so it was the first long distance case. You want be disappointed."